Complicated Abdominal Cysts

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I write to say a massive thank you. Not only from myself for all the hard work anddetermination you have given to me to get me better; but also from my husband and children for giving them their wife/mummy back. The last 3 years of my life have been very difficult. I wasn’t even aware I had cysts until the day I collapsed. Having been born with the complications that I had I was used to having issues. I just thought I’d put on a lot of weight and this was why I’d been in a lot of pain.

You worked tirelessly to seek solutions and find a way to help me. Sometimes things worked for a short time and then something else crept up. Still you researched and came up with alternative options.

On 28th September 2016 you performed the operation to remove the pump and redirect the pipe from my lower abdomen. Thankfully this appears to be working. I’m no longer retaining fluid for long periods of time. Yes I still get a build up if I’ve over exerted myself but after resting, this now drains away.

This has been a difficult and tedious journey, for me; and I’m sure at times its been frustrating for you too. Thank you for sticking with me. In the nicest possible way, I hope we don’t have to cross paths again. But if we do, I know I’ll be in the safest hands.

Thank you once again.

Rebecca Wann, Leicester